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Inflatable Water Slides from Banzai

Banzai Battle Blast Water Slide
New Banzsi Water Slide with dual water slide and two battle blast stations.
Banzai Water Slides, Inflatable Waterslides

All water slides are available online from major retailers - Walmart, Amazon, and Little Tikes.

The Banzai waterslides became hugely popular in 2006 with the original Banzai Falls Water Slide. In 2007, we saw the introduction of the double waterslides with dual slides and climbing ladders. The Banzai Sidewinder with the added twist was the most popular slide that year. Last year we saw crawl through tunnels and black out blast. For 2010, there were several new huge curved water slides with one, two or three slides, water cannons and more.  For 2012, several popular waterslides are re-introduced. For 2015, the products are stable, just the best are being brought back.

Banzai Aqua Sports Inflatable Water Park
One of the larger Banzai water slides with aqua sports design.

Banzai Splash Blast Water Slide
Fun water slide with overhead sprinkler.

Banzai Plummet Falls Adventure Water Slide
Large curved slide. Great price.


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